Voucher for Beginner Workshop: "First Steps" Workshop B o o m k i  - B o o m k i

Voucher for Beginner Workshop: "First Steps"

Do you want to surprise a loved one, or just get someone to share your hobby? Look no further - our gift vouchers for our beginner workshops make both possible!

The first steps in the right direction.

The art of bonsai is very important to us. We want more people to understand that it's not only the stunning aesthetics of these miniature trees that captivates so many people all around the globe, but the interaction and the act of taking care of them, too.

What you can expect:

  • An introduction to aesthetic principles, nurishment and physiology
  • Anwendung des Gelernten in der Praxisphase
  • Application of these theoretical principles in the practical stage
  • Where? In our shop in Kantstraße 141, 10263 Berlin
  • When? 18:30-21:30

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Please notify us in advance if you plan to redeem our voucher, as we try to keep our workshops to 5 participants max.